Floor Shots (or commonly known as Watermarked Shots)

EDIT: 16 May, 2019, to be updated

Regarding the Floor Shots, I have taken under Capturing Heartbeats, I am very thankful for people sharing and using them on social media. Here’s my Point-Of-View on them.

A) The image won’t fit on Facebook’s profile/timeline space.
Yes, you may crop the image and even cropping the Capturing Heartbeats’ logo your social media. I ask that you keep the intent of photo (often its a portrait, so a keep nice headspace). Please, tag back “@capturingheartbeats”, and if you using hashtags #capturingheartbeats and share the original shot on your own timeline.

B) Can I add a filter, special effects, words, etc in the image?
No, please don’t add anything extra to the watermarked image. Once you buy the unwatermarked image from me ($35 per A4 sized). You’ll have a license to crop and change, even retouching in special effects or compositing (see below). However, you still may not resell or distribute for commercial gain, this is for your personal use.

C) Submission to online and offline media groups.
Please alert (via email or PM @Capturingheartbeats) and let me know how the images are to be used and where. I understand submissions is still at the choice of the editor of the media group. As I may wish to adjust the floorshot – to remove my watermark or even supply high resolution depending on the use. I seek permission from the fellow creatives when I do my submissions.

I can always help with retouching, changing the image, making a set of social sizes, add type and designs, make CosCards, CosAlbums, CosComics, etc… but these are all extras which are chargeable items for me. Message me and we can talk more about this if it’s something you are interested in.

I am open to talk about selling my images as prints, but the current Cosplay Floorshots and Photoshoots are for personal non-commercial and this will fall under my terms and conditions for Commerical use.

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