Auckland Armageddon Floorshot Summary

Phew… just sorted my Auckgeddon 19 albums. Time for 🍻…. My favourite image this year was the chance to shoot a mashup of Minmei and Dagger together. If you like to support my work: It would be Truly Outrageous to leave a review on my Facebook page (free) or a coffee (kofi – capturingcosplay) ( 3 coffees would get me a pint) Even better to … Continue reading Auckland Armageddon Floorshot Summary

Time for … Prints ( Digitals )

Here’s the Age-Old question… “What cosplay should I make?” or “What cosplay/costume do you want to shoot?” I definitely have a TFP list and Collaboration list that I would very much like to shoot. Firstly, what’s the difference? TFP and Colab? TFP or Time for Prints is a term used in the Old-Days v1.0. This is an arrangement between the photographer and model, sometimes hair … Continue reading Time for … Prints ( Digitals )

Floor Shots (or commonly known as Watermarked Shots)

EDIT: 16 May, 2019, to be updated Regarding the Floor Shots, I have taken under Capturing Heartbeats, I am very thankful for people sharing and using them on social media. Here’s my Point-Of-View on them. A) The image won’t fit on Facebook’s profile/timeline space. Yes, you may crop the image and even cropping the Capturing Heartbeats’ logo your social media. I ask that you keep … Continue reading Floor Shots (or commonly known as Watermarked Shots)