Auckland Armageddon Floorshot Summary

Phew… just sorted my Auckgeddon 19 albums. Time for 🍻….
My favourite image this year was the chance to shoot a mashup of Minmei and Dagger together.

If you like to support my work:
It would be Truly Outrageous to leave a review on my Facebook page (free) or a coffee (kofi – capturingcosplay) ( 3 coffees would get me a pint)
Even better to help me travel to Chch and Auck and you Love your image, you can get the unwatermarked retouched image for $35/image or 4 images for $100. FAQ is on the albums.
…and as it always has, (since last year 8-)).

Please tag @capturingcosplay and #capturingcosplay when sharing on social media.

— On with the albums on

Day One

Day Two

Day Three
no Floorshots

Day Four



Photowall Dark

MiniShoots – Meetups

League of Legends

Cosplay parade



Critical Role

Cosplay Competition

DC Bombshell

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