10 Posing tips

Reposted from a Facebook post 23/10/2019

guidelines than actual rules – Jack Sparrow

1. If it’s joint (knee/neck/elbow/wrist) bend it, helps to create Softness.
2. Locking (straightening) joints to create Angles (and not Angels), don’t forget to point your hands and toes as well.
3. Keep weight on the back legs.
4. Nose to the light, body away from the light. (almost Contra positioning)
5. It’s all about the Shadows.
6. Soft hands, practice taking tissues from a box ( I do this every day on demi-pointes, jkd)
7. Create Triangles with your body and limbs.
8. Copying poses from games and comics as inspiration.
9. Chicken and Turtle are neck placements
10. Safety first, go as Super Saiyan (dynamic) as you like without hurting yourself

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