Photo taken by Elrond and Colin up at Te Mata Peak in the Hawkes Bay.

Update from Capturing Cosplay

Have not posted an update in a wee while. I hope everyone is good and well.

Over Autumn months, I have rebranded into Capturing Cosplay. Maybe I will talk about the ins and outs of this rebrand in a later blog post.
Huge task and still not finished yet.
• Moving social media images from Capturing Heartbeats brand into Capturing Cosplay (2018 is done I think)
• Making this website and adding in the mini shoots as Projects. (lots to go)
• Wellygeddon happened. Excited to shoot on the HP Armageddeon Photo wall.

Over the Winter Months
• Continued with the rebrand, but the efforts had dwindled a little
• Chchgeddon happened. First-time after-quake in ChCh. So much have changed. (came back with a nasty bug)
• Ball and Party season in Winter – shot a few events
• My inkjet printer crashed on me and it’s in the shop for about 3 weeks, getting it back on Tuesday.

Everything is moving at a slower pace. I have lots of ideas and looking to shoot a bit. But the priority as Adulting is to keep the ball spinning at the home front. No doubt will catch up soon.

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